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Welcome to Mike Fairbanks LTD

I don't just want to sell you your next car - I want you as a customer for life.  I want you to recommend me to all your friends. 

What does that take?  A good, reliable car and a great price.  You want to be in a car you're glad you bought. 

I don't buy just any car - I go to pains to really check them out and I fix any faults that need fixing before I sell you the car.  I test drive ALL my cars properly - OMG!

I don't know of any other dealer that checks their cars out as thoroughly as I do - it's the cars I reject that make me different.  It gets fixed or I just don't buy it.

I do not, never have and never will try to hide an issue I know about.  And with a no quibble warranty even the odd problem I may miss is covered.  I have confidence in what I'm doing and in the cars I sell.

Mike Fairbanks - 30 years experience.

  • Warranty and personal guarantees on the quality of the cars I sell.
  • I make the cars right before I sell them on.  I'm proud of the condition my cars are in.
  • Honest advise, honest and full description, I don't hide anything.
  • Keen prices.  I've always found cars cheaper than mine have something wrong with them.
  • My operation is very lean and I pass the savings on to you.
  • No big overheads, very efficient and you are the one who benefits.

I have lots of stock and I get new good cars every week.  If you have a particular car you are looking for - just email me and I'll look out for it.  If you would like a copy of my stock list sending to you - no problem, just email or call 07940 549712

I want to be there when you come to look at my cars - so please call before you come down to see them, I want to be there personally and make sure the car is ready and the kettle is on!

*viewing by appointment only